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Mindfulness can reduce stress and anxiety, help you focus more and can improve sleep. But what is mindfulness exactly? Mayo Clinic describes mindfulness as a form of meditation where one’s attention is solely centered on the body’s present sensations and feelings (2020). It is being present at the moment and taking it all in. It has many benefits - physical and mental-  that can be very helpful in the current times.  

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Colds, Flu, COVID-19 and Vaccinations!

Pre-COVID-19 a sore throat, runny nose, mild cough and body aches all pointed towards the dreaded cold or flu at this time of the year. But now with COVID-19 projecting many similar symptoms, many of us fear that if we develop any of them we may have the feared Coronavirus and then, of course, we must get tested.

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Social isolation and Covid-19

As Covid-19 numbers continue to rise across Ontario, it's hard for us to envision an end to this pandemic and also an end to being confined to our homes and away from our friends and family.
The colder weather and winter months are fast approaching us. This time of the year is generally tough in terms of feeling socially isolated and confined to our homes due to the weather conditions, but going on 10 months now we have already been experiencing this and for many, it has taken a negative toll on their mental health.

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Nutrition and Your Health 

As we all know, proper nutrition and hydration is vital to our health and can build stronger immune systems and lower our risk of chronic illnesses and infectious disease such as COVID-19. Below are some nutrition guidelines based on Canada's Food Guide and World Health Organization that we thought are important along with some tips on how to eat a healthy well-balanced diet during the pandemic and beyond.

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Meal Planning and Recipes

Check out this Amazing resource for meal-planning and healthy recipes for breakfast, Lunch and Dinner brought to you by Canada’s Food Guide such as this Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe to keep you warm on the cold fall and winter days! 
Chicken Soup!

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Staying Physically Active During Covid-19 

Nobody likes to think about the possibility of falling, but it happens when we least expect it, whether you are at home or out doing groceries and especially during the winter months we all have to be extra careful not to slip on ice, and unfortunately, no matter what we do we are never prepared. your product or give more information.

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