George Brown College Retirees' Association

The George Brown Retirees' Association aims to reconnect colleagues by offering an engaging calendar of social and learning opportunities, and by creating a variety of initiatives that both support students and give back to the College that once was a focus of our livelihood. The Association supports students by raising funds for a scholarship.

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Introducing the 2021-22 GBC Retirees



Lily Bracic-Ronalds


Julie Bulmash 

 Professor, Business

Syng Ray Cho

Dawn  Chandelier

Co-ordinator for Online Testing

Robert Crawford 

Indigenous Counsellor and Professor

Brigitte Couture

Professor, Nursing

Wayne Gatt


Bel Gelman 

Academic Operations Co-ordinator

Leisa Gryschuk

Admissions Manager

Nelson Hillier 

Manager, Childcare Lab School

 Susan Karakas

Refund Co-ordinator


Transfer Credit Co-ordinator

Yu Lan 

IT:  LAN Administgrator

 Denise Laurin 

Financial Assistance Consultant 

Monique LeDrew

ASL- English Interpretor


Professor, Business

Jay Liu

System Support Specialist

Ruth Malayang 

International Admissions Coordinator
International Center

Paula Mastrilli 

Chair, Collaborative Nursing

 Marilyn McNeil-Morin

Director, Fashion Exchange

Lina Medaglia 

Professor, School of Social and Community Services

Jim Nielsen 

Professor, Preparatory and Liberal Studies

Roderick O'Connor

Receiving Clerk

Lidia Pirraglia

Deputy Registrar

Maria Quian 

Manager, WAVE Clinics 

Ying Wang


Anne Sado

President, George Brown College

Dezrene Seaton

ECE Placement Co-ordinator

 Bozena Tomczak 

Early Childhood Assistant

Lorraine Trotter

Dean, CHCA

Charlene Wood

Professor, School of Social and Community Services 


Country  Manager
International Center