Sailing Lake Ontario on a Tall Ship

In August, GBCRA headed down to Toronto's Harbourfront for lunch and an afternoon sail on a Tall Ship


View from the Lake

Les and Gayle Takahashi

Dianne Diniz  & Eleanor Robbins

Paula Hacking, Georgia Quartaro, Dianne Diniz and Kathy Mezei

Betty Magelssen and Louis Robinette

Bob Cox

Les & Gayle Takahashi and Bob Cox

Kathy Mezei, Doug Allen, Georgia Quartaro

John Hardy & Tetsuro Saito

Dianne Diniz, Georgia Quartaro

Stratford Trip October 14, 2023

A group of GBCRA members caught the bus from Toronto and traveled to Stratford to see the production of "Rent"

The Theatre

Post Performance

Picnic Lunch

Lina Medaglia

Bob Cox

Ron Sluser

KK Puri

Dianne Diniz

Pat Bowness

Lorraine Trotter

Grace Graham

Sharon Kinasz

Soul Pepper Theatre
April 26, 2023

A group of us met for lunch before the theatre.  Once there, we discovered the performance had been cancelled.  

It didn't matter, we had a great time visiting with each other.  Present but avoided the camera - Rosalind Gilbert, Bob Luker, Julie Bulmash

Georgia Quartaro

Layne Mellanby & Guest

Ron Sluser

Rosalie Starkey

Anne McKenzie-Thompson & Ray Thompson

Lois Athanasiu

Jennifer Cooke

Lina Medaglia & Guest

Anne Mckenzie-Thompson, Bob Cox, Lina Medaglia

Volunteer Day - Daily Bread Food Bank 
April 2023

Wine and Cheese/Auction
December 2019