The Legacy Project 

Join us in participating in our Student Placement led Legacy Project! 

We invite members to use the ideas and templates below to reflect on their time spent at George Brown College, and the Legacy they leave behind. 

Legacy can be defined differently by everyone, so feel free to browse the templates below to see what legacy might mean to you. 

Simply browse the options below. You can share your project with us via email, or simply keep it for yourself as documentation of memories made, and memories to come. 

Personal Legacy Reflection Journal Template

If you wish to reflect on your experience in words, you can access this reflection journal template. You can download and edit it on your computer, or print it an fill it in. 

Personal Legacy Photo Album

If you have treasured photos from your time at George Brown, we invite you to download this template and add in your photos. This can be done in PDF editor, or you can print them out "scrapbook style". 

You can share the results with us at [email protected] 

Musings and Meanderings Podcast

Lastly, if you would like to listen to other folk's stories of legacy, or potentially share your own - check out GBCRA Member Crystal Kotow-Sullivan's podcast Musings and Meanderings.